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Soho motorsports Charlotte NC

The problem:

Soho Motorsports located in Charlotte NC connected with me to consult on a new re-design of their website. After months of closing mediocre sales through their existing woo commerce site they finally decided it was time for a change.

The data:

Woo Commerce Performance
Old Woo Commerce Stats

Their past 2018 abandon carts showed that they had some deep issues with their existing experience. Questions we asked after reviewing this data:

  1. Was there an issue with their product’s pricing?
  2. Were consumers getting the information they needed?
  3. Did the business operations not effectively fulfill orders?

What we planned:

After consulting and learning more about the business we found three areas that we decided to outline for goals:

  1. A new e-commerce platform that was easy to use (Shopify)
  2. A faster web experience to improve page speed load time
  3. Offer users more payment options (Affirm)

A Look at the Woo Commerce site:

old soho motorsport website

A look at the shopify site we built:

2019 Goals:

We are currently tracking web traffic and looking to begin investing in PPC and social media marketing to start to ramp up the new experience.

If this is a project you are interested in or have a thought to share connect with us!